Manila Novias. Vestidos de Novia, Madrina y Fiesta.



The new Manila Novias 2018 collection is inspired by the brides dreams. It’s a bridal collection that will surprise you with its lines and designs. The fabrics are very delicate and fine, wo ven like tulle, lace orgauze that are combined with details that mark a own style, fitting perfectly to the silhouette. As if it were a second skin!

trajes novia granadaIt is a collection of bride impregnated with modernity, elegance and femininity to high light the figure and beauty of the brides in the most important day of their lives. Manila Novias bets for their wedding dresses by a tailor made and custom process, which makes there may be small differences between dresses of thes a me design. That is why each of our creations is a unique and unrepeatable piece, made with care and care for each of the brides who trust us.

As in every collection we have takencare of every detail. New fabrics such as flocked, gauze, fine crepe, invisible tulle and chantilly. There are marked backs, applique’s sewn in transparent tulle, embroidery, lace and rhinestones. The lace and transparencies are some of the high lights of this 2018 Bride Collection, we can see them in sleeves, necklinesor backs to create the tattoo effect that is so fashionable. In addition to serving as straps, they can be extended to therest of the body by decorating the upper parts of the dresses.

Swarovski buttons, pearl, brooches and appliqués all combine with details that makes the difference.

In Manila Novias, our basic pillars are the perfection of our finish es, th eexquisite fabrics that bring a movement to ours kirts (tulles, with volume, fine crepe …).

In Manila Novias, do not give up their most romantic and sensual side, daring brides with a touch of color, modern, sensitive and feminine that start with determined steptheir new life. What every our style, the 2018 Brides Collection empha sizes femininity a boveall, and favors different styles whi lemain taining thes ameessence. So are our brides, always unique, always special …

Elegance in the designs, quality in the fabrics and delicate details, are the key of this Bride 2018 Collection. We have every thing necessary for each bride to findher ideal dress.